Good food tells a story, a good story always leaves you wanting more.

Tables packed with bold and rich flavors, a never-ending celebration of abundance and a joyful Joie de vivre. At LE CONTEUR each night is yet another cause for a celebration, every dinner is a ball. And you are invited to create new stories with us. Just check your coat and troubled day at the door, and loosen up your tie. You are in for a treat.

We encourage you to feel right at home and enjoy our laid back vibe. Here, you can eat with your fingers, or dip our homemade bread in a rich sauce; just as you would do over a family dinner table. Go ahead, indulge yourself with food, have a cocktail, even dance to the music. And don’t be surprised if our cooks will step out of the open kitchen to join you for a round of drinks.

Our story was created during a journey to the Middle East. A glorious blend of different cultures and flavors bound together with the inseparable connection between folklore and food.

We are inspired by authentic recipes that pasted from one generation to another, and recreated with a modern twist. A thrilling combination of unusual flavours and oriental spices from faraway lands – all served in a contemporary style.

Our menu is designed for sharing. We believe that passionate food is the perfect opportunity for a joyful gathering of family and friends and the base for creating wonderful memories. We see ourselves as storytellers. Sharing exciting stories through every dish. More food to share, more stories to go around the table. This is the heart and soul of LE CONTEUR.